Welcome to my personal website.

I’m Jessi Sanfilippo. You can call me Jess. My crews call me Flip.

I am a creative entrepreneur with a 17 year portfolio filled with a number of successful endeavors across music, film, comedy, pop culture, consumer goods, and personal branding.

A true multi-hyphenate, in every sense of the term, I currently spread my working time across tour management, running a live music marketing agency, artist development + consulting, and sit on the board for a non-profit amplifying the long silenced voices of those most impacted by abuse of power in the music industry.

I am a Type 2 – aka she serves, but she knows how to break it to you kindly when it doesn’t.

This is a living portfolio. Come back often. Tell your friends.

Current Endeavors.
  • Manager – Dwight + Nicole
  • COO – The Lab Production Studio
  • Director of Operations – Gracie PR
  • CMO – House of Wise (acquired 2022)
  • Finance Chair – Influencer Marketing Association
  • Senior Event Marketing Manager – SaaStr
  • Founder – Totally Profesh
  • Founder/Writer – SHUGGILIPPO
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